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Property Developer Services

Rosen & Co has the necessary technical expertise and experience to offer advice on the establishment of a successful strata community. In this respect there are a myriad of administrative, financial and operational matters that require attention prior to the registration of the strata plan.

A professionally structured strata plan should enhance developer reputation, buyer appeal and ultimately facilitate a more harmonious living environment. Importantly also, it should free the developer of being drawn into acrimonious disputes and the need to engage in any unnecessary ‘post settlement’ rear guard action – with an eye to strata management our expert advice can range across planning to final settlement and handover – this may involve the following:

  • Concept
  • Concept planning including titling,
  • Estimating a preliminary draft budget,
  • Estimating lot holder levies (important for the sales team),
  • Advice about structuring by laws.
Marketing (through presale & construction)
  • Preparing point of sale material for the marketing team, and
  • Tendering for building services including the building manager, cleaner, lift, HVAC, security etc.,
  • Availability for project launch events including fielding buyer enquiry about the proposed strata plan.
  • Obtaining quotes for insurances & arranging cover,
  • Establishing files & records in accordance with legislation requirements,
  • Preparing the buyer ‘welcome pack’ (for solicitors to provide at settlement),
  • Finalising the initial budgets for the administrative & capital works funds,
  • Refining the estimate for lot holder levies, and
  • Chairing of the Inaugural meeting.
  • Ensure the building manager is properly set to work,
  • Facilitating the preparation of S184 Certificates,
  • Ensuring all contractors are properly set to work, and
  • Planning for the first annual general meeting.
First Annual General Meeting
  • Ensuring meeting protocols are in accordance with legislative requirements including the election of committee members,
  • Receive the handover of all documents from the developer, and
  • Arrange the signing of contractor agreements / other agreements with the Strata Committee.

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