Experienced Mediation

A common issue faced within strata schemes is the resolving of disputes between owners, tenants, tradesman, and other parties involved in the scheme. There are many types of conflict including disputes over noise, smoking, levies, deferred maintenance, renovations, and quotes.

Rosen & Co strata managers have many years of experience in dispute resolution. It is important however to understand that some disputes in a strata scheme being of a ‘private nature’ cannot involve the strata entity, for example noise complaints may be subjective meaning that an issue between owners can only be resolved between those owners.

Expert Guidance

On another level we can provide guidance on what might be the appropriate process to be pursued to resolve a dispute, perhaps involving a need to attend the Office of Fair Trading for mediation or adjudication. When necessary we can attend mediations with clients although the aim should be to avoid such measures if possible.

Dispute resolution is an important part of the strata managers’ role, so you should ensure your strata manager has the requisite skills to assist you.

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